The Power of Resilience

Imagine holding a box of chocolates in your outstretched arm. It probably seems effortless until you imagine having to keep your arm outstretched with the box for five minutes. The longer you have to hold your arm out, the more things change. Your arm probably starts to ache and the box begins to feel heavy.


If you hold onto the box for another five or ten minutes, your arm will begin to burn with pain and the box will feel heavier and heavier. You will probably want to put it down. Imagine putting it down. Is it a relief?


Your next step is to rest your arm and then, imagine picking the box up again, but only once you have rested.


This second time, the box probably does not feel heavy at all. Even though the weight of the box never actually changes, your perception of it is different now than when you held onto it for a longer time. It was the act of holding onto the box that required all the effort.


Consider this. The box of chocolates is your thoughts. If you are thinking something for a brief time, it will not necessarily weigh you down or give you pain. But keep a thought (particularly a negative one) going over and over in your mind, and the result will be different. A level of “obsessive” thinking occurs when you keep mulling over ideas. Ideas like how to have that difficult conversation with your wife/ husband/ partner/ child/ parent/ friend, how to improve productivity before the next board meeting, how somebody cheated you, or how to fire somebody in your team, can build their own momentum. The thoughts are persistent. You think them in the shower, at work, while you are driving, or while you are trying to go to sleep. It becomes exhausting. The more you hold these thoughts in your mind, the more tired you get.


MRT gives you the same relief from these pervasive thoughts, as did the act of resting your arm when it began to ache. MRT gives you the discipline to put your thoughts aside, down, or on hold. When your mind is rested, you will be better equipped to resolve the negative issues that need your attention. You will make decisions with a true understanding of the issues, not a false view gained when you are mentally exhausted and merely reacting to “noise” in an attempt to make an issue go away.


A mind that is strong enough to let go of thoughts is less likely to allow its owner to suffer from depression, anxiety, or other negative states.