The Power of Clarity

Imagine a glass of crystal clear water, which you can see straight through. There are no obstructions, nothing clouding your view from one side of the glass to the other. Now imagine putting no more than a teaspoon of dirt into the water and giving it a stir. What do you see? 


After just a bit of stirring the water becomes muddy and you can no longer see through it. The water is so murky that you couldn’t see a candle or torch on the other side of the glass.

Now, imagine you’ve put the glass of muddy water down and let the mixture settle.


As it stills, the two elements begin to separate and the water becomes less murky. The longer you leave it, the clearer the water becomes. Left for a couple of hours, your glass would have crystal clear water at the top and sediment on the bottom.


This is very similar to the way the mind works. Stir it up and it’s hard to see much; let it settle and there is clarity.


The mud in the water represents the different challenges that are thrown at you daily.


Imagine an extremely challenging day. Before you went to work you had an argument with your partner. You have numerous deadlines looming, meetings to prepare for, a phone that has been running hot since you arrived in the office, and an inbox full of urgent emails that you have not even looked at. At this point, your mind is probably like the glass of dirty water – thoughts flying around, making everything cloudy. And if this “dirty water” is indicative of your mind, then your mind is not in a truly desirable state for important decision-making or effective action.


What does MRT do? It simply provides the same relief from the muddiness or confusion in your mind as the act of letting the glass of dirty water stand to allow the dirt to settle. The challenges do not go away – the dirt is still in the glass – but it has settled and you can see clearly.


MRT is the process of remaining still mentally and physically so that the mind becomes calm and the mental chatter settles. When the time comes to make a decision, you will be able to perceive all the issues with clarity and determine the solution very easily.