The Core Mental Resilience Technique

Most people who would like to feel more resilient and use meditation as a tool to achieve this goal struggle because they do not understand the basics. They either never start or give up soon after. The core technique, MRT, overcomes this by making sure that participants get the basics right.


Let’s face it, you can’t come in from a hectic day’s work and just sit still and calm the mind.  In other words, you can’t come in from the “Rat Race” and turn it all off. The reason why MRT may be of benefit to you is because the program takes you through a structured process. You begin by building the foundation step-by-step so that your mind becomes increasingly resilient.


Students who use the methods of MRT have gone from not being able to sit still for 3 minutes, due to all the mental chatter and stress that they are feeling, to being able to clear their minds for one and a half hours. This type of mental training allows people to be mentally resilient in their everyday lives.