This book is unique in its approach as it describes Mental Resilience Training in a very simple manner.


It is supported by a CD, which will allow you to start your own meditation program. This book is written for people who live everyday lives.


This book has been written as a practical guide for people such as executives and mothers so that they can create mental resilience and enhance their performance, health, and relationships.


The book has 2 major parts: a theory section (chapters 1-6) and a practical section (chapters 7-13). The theory section explains how MRT works and how the benefits are achieved. The practical section gives the reader a step-by-step approach to starting meditation practice. The practical section outlines a 21 day program for beginners to get started and is structured around the 5 main stages of meditation – relaxation, meditative calm, emotional tranquillity, insight, and wisdom. Each practical chapter has case studies and a frequently asked questions section that will answer most beginners’ questions.